Project Climate Labs

Task 1.1 Changemaker Leader Team (CLT)

Goal of the task

Changemaker Leader Team (CLT) creation for each participating Latin America University. CLT has to be integrated by diverse background members, complemented by student leaders. In the case of the innovation cluster in the coffee industrial zone and in Jalisco, the institutions can agree in create only one Inter-Universities Changemaker Leader Team. In order to ensure the sustainability of the team, one of the first activities is to set a governance system to promote transparency in the decision making process and horizontal and open leadership.

Main sub-tasks are:

Timming: February 01 - June 30 / 2020

Expected outcome

  • Communication of the requirements for the team conformation.
  • Diagnosis rubric application (each institution).
  • Video conference sessions with the leader WP team to check progress and receive feedback about the CLT building process.
  • CLT operational principles declaration document.
  • Guide: Principles for building strong inter-university multidisciplinary teams.

Languages: Spanish and Portuguese