Context of the research

We invite you to compare six management practices between them in order to evaluate which are most important for you, in the daily operation of your company.

Example: (Comparison between practice A and practice B) Which of these two practices is the most important for the day-to-day running of your business? Move the cursor to answer:

  • If the cursor is in the central position (Value 1), both practices A and B are equally important
  • If the cursor is positioned to the left, practice A is more important than practice B. The more the cursor is to the left, the more important A is compared to B.
  • If the cursor is positioned to the right (inverse values), practice B is more important than practice A. The more to the right the cursor is, the more important B is compared to A.

Goal of the research

To compare 6 management practices among them in order to identify those that are most important for the success of companies from the open source hardware sector.