As a platform of LORnTECH (CAPITALE FRENCH TECH), the Lorraine Fab living Lab® aims to support territories and its institutions in their collaborative innovation projects for the benefit of citizens.

Thanks to the universality of the University, the LF2L® platform makes it possible to host and develop “Public - Private - Population Partnerships” such as the Lorraine Smart Cities Living Lab or the REVES (Ecological Renaissance of Cities) collaborative chair supported by the NIT Foundation of the University of Lorraine

In this context, LF2L® contributes to the implementation and evaluation of “Smart City demonstrators” such as the Smart City Living Lab Alzette Belval

LF2L® organizes and implements citizen workshops, contributes to citizen science, participates in scientific and technical dissemination events, etc.

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Metropolis of Greater Nancy elected Innovative Territory OR in December 2016 by the Interconnected 2016 thanks to the ‘VélOstan Connecté’ project supported by the LF2L®.

communities at lf2l