The Lorraine Fab Living Lab® is a research and experimentation platform managed by the ERPI laboratory. Through its strong links with ENSGSI, the platform is also a pedagogical support for active teaching in certain curricula. Whether through the use of modeling and prototyping devices or by facilitating collaborative work such as for ingEXys workshops.

LF2L® also supports a variety of research projects of the ERPI and its partners. The laboratory’s thirty permanent researchers work on, among other things, the capacity of SMEs to innovate, the recycling of raw materials for additive manufacturing, the consideration and involvement of users in projects (Living lab), evaluation by use, collaborative methodologies for smart-city, immersive devices, creativity, innovation spaces.

LF2L® thus hosts the work of the PRINCIP Research Chair (accredited by the Fund for Innovation in Industry) dedicated to SMEs, and the REVES Collaborative Chair (Ecological Renaissance of Cities), supported by ENEDIS, EDF, the Greater Nancy Metropolitan Area, the CCPHVA, deploying the Smart Cities concept to propose solutions to the new societal challenges faced by cities and territories.

Are you a researcher?

The LF2L® platform interests you as part of your research, you wish to collaborate with the ERPI laboratory or participate in one of its research programs.

For more details about our research, see our scientific publications.