Our space at the LF2L

Immersive space

communities at lf2l This technology is available to users and its role is to compensate for the impossibility of carrying out a site visit (industrial or urban) or to remind a working group of certain spatial or urban arrangements already visited. We are deliberately inspired here by simulators or video games by simplifying the user interface as much as possible: no obstacles for the participant, simple hand or leg movements allow a virtual walk to complete a diagnosis of use or the projection of future solutions.

Creativity and Open Innovation

communities at lf2l When a problem is defined, group facilitation work will make it possible to solicit the creativity of a team around brainstorming, road-mapping, in order to cover the field of possibilities in terms of answers to be provided. In addition, an Internet platform has been developed (PRINCIP Chair) to help capitalize and archive proposals submitted by participants (a creativity session that can bring together up to 400 people).

Project Group Space

communities at lf2l The space is designed to generate an environment dedicated to collaborative work. We can therefore welcome several project groups, citizen panels or communities of practice to enable them to work on a specific issue or enrich the open innovation approach initiated by creativity.

Digital Ideas Sheet - 2D Sorting

communities at lf2l The digitisation of the idea sheets and their availability on a touch table makes it possible to increase their manipulation, interaction and exchange between participants.

Innovation capability

communities at lf2l The ERPI laboratory provides a tool to assess the capacity of SMEs to innovate and to support the strategy to be adopted to develop an innovative product, project or process. The result of 4 years of research, this software is supported by a digital platform www.innovation-on-the-web.com which makes the diagnostic process easily accessible for companies.

3D numerical modeling

Product Model

communities at lf2l Pre-prototype modeling based on CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools

City numerical model

3D modeling of traffic flows (example of intersections C129, C201, C100 a, C100 b of the EcoQuartier Nancy Grand Cœur)

Materialization / Fablab space

communities at lf2l The materialization of ideas, a key element in the Innovation process. And for that, one of the particularities of the LF2L is to have a Fab Lab space fully equipped with digital tools that will allow all our users to make the manufacture of objects accessible in a personalized way. In addition, the ERPI laboratory develops research programs around the FabLab concept and its impact on current societal issues. Fab Lab (contraction of the English Fabrication Laboratory “manufacturing laboratory”) makes it possible to invent / innovate / reproduce through four basic equipment: Laser cutting, 3D printers, digital milling machine, vinyl cutting

Usage Evaluation

communities at lf2l

Usage evaluation consists in creating the conditions for the scientific objectification of usage practices among a group of users. Depending on the object, product, building or space to be evaluated, we can set up ad hoc processes using the appropriate measuring instruments (e. g. eyes tracking, physiological sensors, video recording, surveys, etc.)