VRIC ConVRgence 2020: 22nd Virtual Reality International Conference - Laval Virtual

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Despite the quarantine, ERPI and 2LPN (Université de Lorraine) have virtually joined Laval virtual - ConVRgence 2020 (VRIC) Virtual Reality International Conference with 3 papers (including 2 papers for interdisciplinary InnCognitif project supported by the EMPP & CLCS scientific poles and by ANR LabCom N-Hum-Inno by ERPI-TEA) ! Thanks to my co-authors Mariela Martínez, Giovanny Arbelaez Garces, Anaëlle Hily, Christel JACOB, Mauricio Camargo, Jérôme Dinet and to the organizers & scientific comity Simon Richir, Sylvain Fleury, Olivier Christmann