Plastic recycling is (and will be) a major issue for cleaning up after these challenging times of the covid-19 response

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Since the beginning, the INEDIT project is aware of the importance of the collective intelligence as a mean to develop technical paths that could have a positive impact in the future industrial ecosystem.

The Université de Lorraine with our Lorraine Fab Living Lab® (LF2L) platform received on November 2020 the first Gigabot X in Europe, an open-hardware large-scale 3D printer that is capable to use plastic waste in pellet form to create new useful products and parts.

This machine is one of the technological levers to develop an INEDIT Open Manufacturing Demonstrator Facility (OMDF) for the furniture industry by recycling local plastic waste and involving local stakeholders in a collaborative process (WP4 & WP6).

Our LF2L team tests and adapts the machine while integrating it into the local ecosystem to promote the circular economy and the “Do It Together” approach.

INEDIT and LF2L Teams around the Gigabot X INEDIT and LF2L teams around the Gigabot X


A large-scale acquisition made possible thanks to ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)