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Objective evaluation of the technical skills of surgeons.


Support for surgeons in the self-assessment of their “technical performance” through the use of physiological sensors (e.g. GSR, eye-tracking, ECG). More info.

Creation of “dry-models” for the training and certification of surgeons.


We use 3D printing technologies to manufacture surgical training models to reduce the use of animals and human organs. The creation of specific cases and models facilitates the “standards” for all learners during their evaluation. In addition, in line with the “Green-Fablab” approach, the models designed and used can be recycled to make new ones and be part of a virtuous cycle. More info.

Perception of Urban Risks by Older Pedestrians (PRISMUPA)


Older pedestrians are over-represented among victims of fatal motor vehicle collisions, with accidents occurring mainly in cities. The elderly are also increasingly marginalized and often isolated; their travel in the city seems difficult and anxious to them.

Through focus groups and experiments with seniors, this research project aims to determine the factors involved in the perception of risks associated with urban environments among older people:

  • by analysing the interactions between objective (e.g., individual factors (e.g., medical history, sensory-motor coordination) and subjective (e.g., risk perception, self-assessed metacognitive abilities) factors on the one hand, and environmental factors (e.g., residential area, complexity of the route to be taken) on the other;
  • by distinguishing the different levels of environments with which these elderly people interact.

This research project will receive funding and support in 2016 through the CNRS-National MSH Network call for PEPS projects.

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