Museum and cultural heritage

Museology and heritage management

LF2L supports museums in the region in innovative approaches to innovation, whether for the analysis of visitor experience, the creation of interactive experiences or the digitization of archaeological objects for renovation, study and conservation.

Museum Aquarium de Nancy - Analysis of the visitor experience

In 2016 we conducted an experiment using eye-tracking devices to better understand the experience of museum visitors at the temporary exhibition “Ces animaux qu’on mange” of the MAN.

The results of this experiment can be consulted online:For more info.

Laboratoire d’Archéologie des Métaux

Reproduction Fusil Lebel

As part of the project to renovate the monument to the dead of Létricourt with the LAM and with the help of a team of EXIA.CESI students in internship, the LF2L team made a 3D digital copy of a period rifle to reconstruct this part.

After scanning and image processing, the rifle was manufactured by 3D printing (FDM technology at LF2L). The printed object was then painted to give a similar appearance to the original statue and placed in the renovated statue.

For more information.

Scanning of the Lance de Cutry

In 2018, following the loan of the Lance to the LAM by the Lorrain Museum, we collaborated to digitize the lace using photogrammetry technology and thus generate a virtual object that would increase the visitor experience.

Reproduction Apollon’s head

Scann using (Artek Eva scanner) and reproduction by 3D printing (powder).