PRINCIP -Pôle de Recherche sur l’INnovation et la Capacité à Innover des Pmi


The PRINCIP Chair is a research project whose main objective is to identify and characterize the elementary skills from which it should be possible to model a capacity or capacities to innovate specific to SMEs. We associate this with two secondary questions:

  • What are the skills and associated conditions to enable outsourcing or pooling?
  • What are the levers, obstacles, conditions and specificities of co-innovation development in SMEs?

AXE 1 : Development of one or more models defining the capacity to innovate of an SME and the conditions for progression through learning

  • Identification and characterization of managerial and entrepreneurial skills specific to the SMI - Development of an entrepreneurial model of “Capacity to Innovate”.
  • Identification and characterization of operational skills to drive innovation in SMIs - Development of an operational model of “Capacity to Innovate”.
  • Identification and characterization of “network” skills - Development of a network model of “Capacity to Innovate”.

AXIS 2: Identification of key processes and good practices

For outsourcing and pooling skills, particularly in the case of co-innovation.

AXIS 3: Comparative analysis of innovative practices

The specific positioning of Lorraine near Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, and the partnership relations of the universities within the framework of the University of the Grande Région SAR-LOR-LUX will allow us to carry out comparative studies, as they themselves are involved in similar projects. In addition, the ERPI and CEREFIGE laboratories are themselves scientifically and administratively mobilized in international networks (IAMOT, AIREPME).

AXIS 4: Development of an “expert” digital platform Innovation on the web

It will make it possible to enrich the initial model based on a case database in order to adapt it to the typologies of companies, types of innovation and organizational mechanisms and to have a quantitative approach to the practices mobilized by SMIs. This application is the core of the PMI observation, consolidation and monitoring system for the Chair and partners at the national level.

Associated scientific production